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Guide - FloorPowermoves - Cricket

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Guide - FloorPowermoves - Cricket

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:48 pm

a. Introduction: This is an ol school moves, but don’t underestimate it, with proper timing, smoothness and high rotational speed, it still has the power to wow the crowd.
b. Difficulties: depends, the cricket should be easy but the jackhammer requires strength and endurance to learn, ill give 5 of 10 for cricket and 8 of 10 for jackhammer.
c. Basic exercise: hand pose, hand spin.
d. How to do cricket/jackhammer:
i. If you can do the hand spin, then this move is the next step for u.
ii. Start from a hand on stomach pose, you must be able to hold this post comfortably. Always remember that if your rotation direction is clockwise, your right hand should be at your stomach; and vice versa.

iii. While in this pose, position your hand so that your finger is facing towards your leg. Using your free arm (ie; the one not used to support your body), give a push to the floor to start your rotational momentum.

iv. Once you start spinning, the palm of your hand at your stomach should be the center of rotation. After rotating about half round, lift/hop the hand on your stomach and twist it until it points towards your leg again.

v. Basically, the arm on your stomach is functions as the centre of rotation and your other arm is used to add speed and balance your rotation.
vi. View a complete cricket here ; (link to video)
vii. Once you master the cricket, you can start trying on the jackhammer, it is basically a cricket but using only 1 hand. View the move here: (link to video)


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